Tape Hair Extensions

As the name implies, tape-in extensions adhere to the hair's root using medical-grade tape—you know, the kind they use to close wounds and surgical incisions. What results is an instant, practically unbreakable bond that means there's no way that hair is going anywhere until you say so. 

The benefits of tape-in extensions know no bounds, They are incredibly easy to apply and remove, don't damage your hair*, and look  natural because they lie almost completely flush against the head, whereas other types have thicker bases that  can stick out.


The Benefits of Tape-In Extensions

Quick installation: “t depends on how many extensions you want, but tape-ins can be as fast as 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll be in and out of the salon in no time.

Natural appearance: Tape-in extensions are very flat, which results in a more natural look overall when installed.

A great option for fine hair: Those with more fine hair texture will benefit from the thickness and volume these extensions can add. 


The Drawbacks

Shorter wear time: "The biggest difference between tape-ins, sew-ins, and glue-in extensions is the longevity.

Despite tape-ins being secure for everyday wear, they are still the least permanent of the extension options. Expect six to eight weeks of great results before removal or adjustment and reinstallation is needed.

Some maintenance required: If you like to roll out of bed and run out the door, tape-in extensions may cramp your style in that regard. Brushing through them at least three times a day with a brush that won't tug on the tap to separate the sections may  be needed.

Haircare routine changes: Washing every day isn't a good idea with tape-ins. You want to preserve the tape and prevent the sticky residual  forming from excess heat or washing.

Removal: while tape extensions don't damage your hair while in, removal can be a little tricky. The tape  can  get stuck and need excess combing  which may lead to breakage on removal.