Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is an excellent option for those who want to avoid the damaging effects of the sun but still have glowing skin. Follow these tips and tricks for preparing your skin and applying your tan flawlessly


Spray Tanning Treatment

Before treatment advice:

1 - Skin should be free from self tan, perfume, deodorant and aromatherapy oil.

2 - Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24 hours prior to the treatment.

3 - The evening before your treatment, exfoliate your entire body. Pay special attention to dry areas such as hands, feet, elbows and knees.

4 - When you come for your treatment, wear dark loose fitting clothing with dark coloured underwear – preferably not your best! The guide colour may stain light hair, man-made fibres and wool.

5 - If you have NOT had a Naked Tan spray tan before, we recommend you pop in for a free patch test 24 hours prior to treatment. It only takes 2 minutes. Please ask for details.


Immediately after your treatment:

1 – Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 2.4 hours after your treatment.

2 - Try to avoid washing your hands for as long as possible in the development time (a minimum of 2 hours.) Try a hand sanitiser or wipes instead.

3 - Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment.

4 - The guide colour can be left on overnight although it may transfer onto bed linen. It will wash out of cotton, but not so easily from man-made fibres or wool.

5 - Don’t worry if you see colour washing off from your first shower, this is normal. What is left is your beautiful, sunless tan.


Keep your tan looking gorgeous for longer:

1 - Apply Body Moisturiser or Body Butter daily.

2 - Exfoliate your skin  every 3-5 days to ensure even fading.

3 - After showering pat the skin dry rather than rubbing.

4 - Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan.  Also, keep in mind that salt water may dry your skin and cause your sunless tan to fade faster.

5 – Remember there are no sun filters in Naked Tan products so it’s very important that you still use a sun protection product with sufficient levels of SPF when exposing your skin to the sun.

Spray Tanning Q & A’s

Q What shall I wear for my spray tan?
 While you have your spray tan applied, you can either wear a bikini or underwear – preferably not your best!  The guide colour may stain light hair, man-made fibres, and wool. Once the ‘Naked Tan’ product has been applied, you can then dress immediately and we suggest you change into dark loose fitting clothing and flip flops, and bring an umbrella just in case it rains!

Q How long does it take to dry?
A You will be able to dress immediately after your tan.

Q How soon after my spray tan can I shower?
Ideally leave it for between 2-4 hours as the tan develops, after washing, the tan will continue to work your skin for up to 24 hours.

Q How does spray tanning work?
A Dihydroxyacetone (or DHA for short) is a colourless sugar that interacts with the amino acids in the surface layer of the skin to produce a temporary colour change – your tan.

Q How brown will I get?
A The ‘Naked Tan’ product will work with your individual skin tone to give you a natural looking tan. The DHA will create a chemical reaction on the surface of the skin and it will work with your amino acids to tan you to your most natural looking colour.

Q Can I go swimming?
You must not wash, bathe, swim, shower or exercise within the development time. You can swim once your tan has developed (after 2-4 hours), but swimming in the sea and chlorinated pools may result in your tan fading more quickly.

Q How long will my tan last?
A Your tan should last between 5-7 days. It is possible for your tan to last longer if looked after well.

Q Will a spray tan protect me from the sun?
No. There are no sun filters in Naked Tan products so it’s very important that you still use a sun protection product with sufficient levels of SPF when exposing your skin to the sun.

Q Can anyone have a spray tan?
We recommend all customers have a patch test 24 hours prior to having a ‘Naked Tan’ spray tan. Whilst uncommon, it is normal to have an allergy to DHA which is the main ingredient in Naked Tan. We are happy to apply a small amount of the treatment to the crease of your arm or behind your ear. You will need to leave it on between 2-4 hours. Providing you have no reaction we can then carry out a spray tan.

Q What if I have a skin disorder?
A If you suffer from any skin / pigmentation disorders please inform us and we will discuss with you if you are suitable for a spray tan.

Q Is there an age restriction?
Under 16′s must be accompanied  by a parent.

Q I am on medication, can I have a spray tan?
A If you are on medication please inform us.  When you are on medication the levels of amino acids on your skin may change so we therefore can not guarantee how the tan will come out on your body. Please ask us for more information.

If you suffer from any respiratory problems, such as asthma you will require a doctors note.